Annual Report 2019-20

The scholastic year 2019-20 was one of the best academic years. Though it was unable to hold annual examinations as usual for all the classes, the students of X made remarkable performance in the CBSE Board examination. Last year, our students of plus two following the state syllabus brought glory since we were able to achieve 100% success in +2 science and 93% success in commerce too being the toppest score 1113/1200 in +2 science and 1080/1200 marks in +2 commerce.

We conducted various programs within the campus lead by different classes. We organized the events like Arts Sports Fest, Kids Fest and kG fest . In order to increase the reading habits, the books were delivered to students at homes under the leadership of the Mazhavil Club. Lead by OISCA Club, one of the best environmental organizations in Kerala, one of our top TEEN students won first place in the Nadapuram area and participated in the district competition.

Our school received the award for the best CBSE schools last year as well. School Assistant Manager Mr. Usman accepted it.Our school hosted the interschool Fest last year. The Sirajul Huda Interschool Fest was held at the school on November 13,14, 2019. In this, they became our school champions in the sub-junior and junior categories.

The Queens’ fest was hel exclusively for girls in conjunction with Interest. Nadapuram Grama Panchayat president, Mrs. Safeera, inaugurated it. C.k Muhammed iringannur took a class by conducting a special program for boys called Rainbow fest.

Inter school sports and games: Various items were held in the following days. Athletics meetwas held at the school. We were able to win under 12,14 category winners and under 10.17 category First Runner Up. Nadapuram SI Mr. Prajeesh sir meet inaugurated..We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the PTA management, teachers, students and staff of various institutions for their co-operation in leading the Sports and Arts meet.

As of January 2020, we have been constantly discussing the next academic year and the major activities to be implemented in it and moving forward with a clear plan. The work on the school grounds was completed and the team was trained to play football, volleyball and shuttle badminton for the students to showcase their talents during the months of April and May. Therefore, it was not possible to take a study tour in every class last year.

However, online learning was started at the school class wise at the outset of the academic year. On June 7, the General Secretary, Sirajul Huda officially inaugurated the class .Later, school classes and madrassa classes were conducted online in an desirable manner.New media like Google Meet and WhatsApp are being used well.

It has been decided to conduct the first terminal exam from October 15 and clear instructions have been given to the teachers.Parents, teachers and management are working hand in hand to improve the education of our students by providing excellent online classes in this tough time of Covid. This report is submitted here with the hope that we altogether can overcome the difficulties of this pandemic.

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