Infrastructure Details

Area of School Campus 5. Acres, 13880 Sq.mts
Built in area of the School 3825 Sq.mts
Area of playground 4250 Sq. mts
No. of Building Blocks 2
Facilities Available In the School
Sports Facilities Yes
Swimming Pool No
Garden Yes
Medicinal Plant Garden Yes
Gymnasium No
Hostel No
Language Room Yes
Library Yes
Auditorium Yes
Health and Medical Check up Yes
Details of physical Infrastructure
No .of Class room and Size No:64, Size: 60. m2
No. of Smart Class 24
No. of Library & No. of Books 1, 4000 books
Details Of Laboratories
  1. Composite Science lab
  2. Computer lab
  3. Mathematics lab
  4. Language Lab
Internet Facilities >Wifi with 180 Mbps
Toilet Facilities Boys – 28
Girls - 22
Staff- 5
Dirking water facilities Available with water filter

Safety Measures

Fire Extinguisher Yes
Sprinklers Yes
Fire Alarm No
Fire safety Certificate Issuing Authority, Date & Validity Govt. Fire and Rescue Department,
Building Safety CertificateIssuing Authority, Date & Validity Thuneri GramaPanchayath,
07/10/2020 1 Year
Drinking Water Certificate Issuing Authority, Date & Validity CWRDM,
19/10/2020, 1 year
Health and Sanitation Certificate Issuing Authority, Date & Validity PHC, Thuneri,
22/10/2020, 1 year